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Teorema Mediterraneo was born from the idea of ​​a young woman, Rossella Spatola, divided halfway between two beautiful lands.

Sicily, with its radiant light and its warmth that melts your heart and Campania full of colors, music and joy.

"I grew up eating almonds in the countryside, savoring the flavor of freshly picked prickly pears, breathing in the scent of freshly dried chilli and my family's spices, I traveled the world driven by an unstoppable curiosity for new cultures, to expand my horizons taste the flavors and live the traditions of many countries.
I went back to basics and decided to start a project, mine, which summarizes everything I have learned, everything I am and everything I want to become "
The solution of the Theorem, to live in balance and in harmony with nature and with everything that surrounds us. Eat healthy, live healthy, think healthy to be happy.
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Our team

A young and avant-garde team

Teorema Mediterraneo is a young dynamic company ready to face the market with the heart! Thanks to a team of people with a vision, to bring quality products to the world.


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