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    Pacchero Pasta Durum Wheat San Marzano Tomato D.O.P. Organic chili "Teorema Mediterraneo" Rice with Porcini Mushrooms Peach Jam Paté Sicilian Capers

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    Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a hand-drawn ceramic amphora Long Scialatielli Pasta with Lemon Cream of Neapolitan Broccoli Friarielli  Sicilian salted anchovies Smoked Paprika "Teorema Mediterraneo" Acacia homemade honey Prepared yellow Sicilian Datterino

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    Pappardella Pasta Handmade Taralli with chilli Dried Porcini Mushrooms Basil Pesto Organic Mustard powder "Teorema Mediterraneo" Sicilian Tuna fillets in olive oil Anchovy Fillets in olive oil Cinnamon Chocolate Citrus Chocolate 

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    Whole Red Rice Hermes Pure oil of Nuts Dried pomelo "Teorema Mediterraneo" Dried Mango with no added sugar "Teorema Mediterraneo" Organic herbal tea digestive "Teorema Mediterraneo" Mix of natural Herbes de Provence "Teorema Mediterraneo" Mix organic seeds salads "Teorema Mediterraneo"

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    Organic Black Venus Rice  Whole Propellers Pasta Wheat Old Twins Pasta Sicilian Cherry Tomato Sauce  Sicilian almonds sicilian  Organic Turmeric powder  "Teorema Mediterraneo" Organic Powder Ginger  "Teorema Mediterraneo" Handmade Blackberry Jam

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    Organic Cinnamon Powder Smoked Paprika Powder of Nutmeg Organic Pepper Powder Organic Juniper Berries Mustard powder Turmeric powder Organic Curry Organic Star Anise

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    Organic Mint  Organic Sage leaves Organic Oregano Organic Rosemary Organic Thyme Organic Marjoram Organic Fennel Seeds Organic Red hot chili pepper Organic Chicken Seasoning

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    Organic Rosemary Organic Sage leaves Chicken Seasoning Organic Mustard Powder Organic Pepper Powder Organic Curry Organic Crush red hot chili pepper 

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    A selection of signed Teorema products to help digestion and purify the body!

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

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