Il Team di Teorema Mediterraneo

    Teorema Team (da sinistra verso destra):

     Cinzia M. Calabrese  Medical Officer

     Rossella Spatola  Chief Executive Officer

     Fabrizio Esposito Production Manager

     Luigi Termoli WebMaster

Teorema mediterraneo is a young company, born from the idea of a doctor passionate about nutrition, and a young entrepreneur , brought up in the family firm, who produces and sells natural products since 1935.

Our purpose is to popularize and promote the Mediterranean diet worldwide, both as a model and as an Italian life style .

Natural food has nutritional properties capable of contributing to the mental and physical wellness, even if a great number of people has bad alimentary habits, intensifying the onset of pathologies which could be easily controlled with a right nutrition plan. There are different factors preventing us from following a right diet, especially disinformation and lack of time.

Our aim is to select and promote a basket of food having some specific characteristics in common : being healthy, having a sustainable production, without any preservatives or additives which could be toxic for our health, highlighting the properties and benefits for us.

The secular experience of the family firm let us realize our own range of biological products , selected and produced with care and consideration for the wellness of our clients.


The use of aromatic Herbs,spices and natural aromas represents the capacity of turning to nature to create healthy and tasty food, reducing the use of salt and other unhealthy dressings.

Natural aromas also contain active principles and miraculous therapeutic properties , and can be used in many ways: tasty recipes , infusions, herbal teas,creams and lotions for the skin.

Let’s find out what they are about!

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